You’ve built a successful company and positioned it for future growth. Along the way you’ve developed strategic plans for managing sales, operations and accounting, and HR.

What is your business plan for managing IT?

We understand. Building a successful business demands long hours and at times, the wearing of many hats. IT issues often need to be addressed immediately. If your managed service provider or internal staff has a solution that gets the job done, the problem is solved, right?

OPT Solutions is here to ensure that your IT strategy is aligned with your business goals. We do not sell hardware, software, networks or clouds. We don’t take fees or commissions from vendors. We do advise your executive team. We support your internal staff and enable them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. We also provide a lifeline to experienced IT management teams that are wading through a growing mountain of IT requests. We are IT advisors with one goal: to help you put the right people and software in place to support growth and reduce risk.

You can leverage our expertise through:

  • IT Evaluations
  • Software Selection and Vendor Analysis
  • Fractional CIO Services
  • Advisory Services

Our clients engage with us because of our extensive experience and track record across all industries. They recommend us because of our unbiased expertise and the ability to help you get the most out of your IT investments – both human and capital – while paying only for the specific, experienced leadership you truly need.

Ready to take control of your IT direction?



Laura Pettit Rusick, President, was pleased to facilitate the seminar “HR Technology Solutions” for HR executives on February 1, 2017. She discussed how the right HR technology strategy coupled with leveraging analytical data can lead to a better bottom-line impact, and reviewed case examples on best practices for software selection and implementation.

OPT Solutions, Inc. president Laura Pettit Rusick was recently quoted in an article appearing on “IT Consultant – What to Look for When Hiring”, provides 8 tips from IT executives and consultants for vetting an IT consultant.

Laura Pettit Rusick is speaking by request on October 21st at the 10th annual Small Business Convention presented by COSE. The session topic is “The Cloud…What am I Missing By Not Being There?”.