Does Your Company's Technology
Enable Growth and Increase Profitability?

If you don't know the answer to that question, you may not be maximizing your business's potential.

Our technology management consultants provide IT management services and technology optimization tailored to your company. Our services are focused on increasing growth, decreasing costs, and improving efficiency. What do we do? We help you leverage technology and guide you, the business leader, to the solutions needed to grow your organization and improve profitability.

Having experienced technology guidance on staff can be hard to justify for a small to mid-sized business. OPT Solutions can help you with IT strategic planning, IT due diligence, vendor analysis, and business process redesign plus other expertise often reserved for large companies.

Is technology getting in the way of your business? Are you evaluating changes such as a merger, acquisition, new product line or a new growth strategy and aren't sure your IT area can support it? Consider partnering with OPT Solutions.

Fractional CIO Services

OPT Solutions serves as a fractional CIO (Chief Information Officer) for organizations that want an unbiased technology executive without the overhead of a full-time hire. Similar to an outsourced CFO, the fractional CIO can provide direction to existing staff, manage outsourcers and advise you on how technology can help accomplish your business strategy. We help you avoid risk, advising on best practices applicable to your organization.

As your fractional CIO, we can help fill your IT leadership gap:

  • Strategic Technology Planning aligned to business objectives
  • Management of IT staff and vendors
  • Technology Due Diligence and Acquisition Integration
  • IT Applications and Infrastructure Management
  • Evaluate and Monitor processes, metrics and team members

We also provide services on a project basis:

  • IT Assessments, covering People, Process and Technology
  • Software Selections and Outsourcer Evaluations
  • Technology Due Diligence and Acquisition Integration
  • Supplemental help to existing CIOs and IT directors
  • Project Management, including those with delivery and cost issues

With a diverse background in business management and information technology, OPT Solutions understands how to leverage technology to support your business goals. When you work with us, we customize our services to meet your needs, whether on an advisory, project or fractional on-going basis. OPT Solutions is ready to apply our expertise in technology optimization to your business situation.

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